Tuesday, September 13, 2005

you can't catch this train

my train of thought, that is. why? it's too dang fast for ya. here's what's on my mind:

  • I already feel like I'm failing in helping somehow w/ this whole Katrina thing. It just hit me as I was typing the Title for this blog and as I was thinking about what I should write about. I realized I don't want to lose the fervor and the passion and the compassion I have for the people who've lost practically their entire lives. I need to watch the news some more, but even that is starting to slow down. 1 week ago that's all you'd find on CNN, and now it's back to other stuff. As I noted on a comment on Jamie's blog the other day, MTV has had the best coverage I've seen on it yet. They did a "Diary" show the other night where each of their newspeople went out to different places and gathered stories, and basically each of them followed one victim's story. It truly showed the impact on individual lives and made it more real to me, and I appreciated MTV for finally capturing the REALness of it for me.
  • Matt Wertz is coming in 2 days, and I'm really excited about it. However, I hope everything goes smoothly w/ the whole day...there are a lot of things going on and lots of stuff to be taken care of. I just don't wanna have to be responsible if something goes wrong or if he leaves and hates us and never wants to come back to Lincoln...maybe i'm just taking my dream from a few weeks ago too seriously. ya think?
  • I really love Rolos. (can you see the digression of this blog? from severe importance to "i have nothing better to write about"...and i continue to digress) But seriously. I really do love Rolos. Here's my method for eating them: put in mouth, slowly let the chocolate melt off of the caramel, then slowly let the caramel dissolve in your mouth last. It makes them last a whole lot longer! Try it! SAVOR the FLAVOR! ok that was stupid, i know.
  • I have my photography class tonight, and I thought you might like to see some of this past week's assignment photos. They were supposed to be on things in motion and shallow depth of field. Here are some of the ones I liked:

  • I am waiting for a phone call. Actually two of them.
  • I'm wondering if my sis and brother-in-law had a good time in Vegas. I think I'll call later and find out.
  • I've had lots of thoughts recently about communion and how amazing it is that it just symbolizes so much. If you'd like, I'll call it "the sacraments." Every time I try to "prepare myself" for it, I realize that there really is no way to "prepare" for it as we often say, other than by being willing to accept it. I love the reminder that no matter where you are, no matter where your heart is, no matter what you just did the night before, no matter what you were thinking about someone you don't like 5 minutes ago, no matter what, Christ meets us where we're at. He comes to us. I know this revelation of mine is nothing new, but it has been renewed and revealed to me again lately. I just love when that happens.


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Rachel said...

Bloody Commies! Down with spam postings!

Dustin said...

Rolos are very underated. no question there. Good pics!

Cory said...

Hey little sister. We had an awesome time in Vegas...still a bit tired, but not too bad. It was fun and David was totally surprised. Those pictures are awesome. I like the lantern one from my front porch.