Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Along with Toadie, I too am off to the National Missionary Convention. Hotlanta, here we come! It's actually not that hot there this time of year, which pretty much sucks. I won't lie. I was looking forward to getting out of this cold.

And like Toadie's most recent blog, I too have some great National Missionary Convention memories...like these:

--the time when Aubs and I about freaked out on Marc Gorsch riding in the van 10 hours to Tulsa. there had just been some previoius drama w/ Marc, so his extensive talking was a lot to handle. And I think for some reason by the end of the trip we all weren't getting along...i guess that's a 10-hour ride in a van for ya. (especially when you add a flat tire and being stuck in Joplin for an extra hour or two on the way back)

--Cincinnati 2 years ago--when Faith vulnerably gave $20 to this guy on the street who needed to get to work at Bar Cincinnati, had no money to get back to his apt where his roommate and girlfriend were fighting, proceeded to tell us how he would be downtown the next morning (to pay her back) b/c he went to Catholic mass w/ his mom since his brother, a doctor, was beheaded in an elevator accident previously that year. After some mind-boggling skepticism and internet research we found this story to be true, tried to call the cell # he gave us, it wasn't his voice, we drove around trying to find his work and surprisingly found him walking in that area, he assured us it was his dad's cell # and that he'd show up the next morning, and we never saw or heard from him again. To this day I am still confused. I assume you are too.

--lots of connections from old camp team friends and of course, the beloved BCG's.

--wishing I could receive a Restoration Award at the LCC Reception...JUST KIDDING! Haha.

Ahhh...and this year I will be driving down a minivan of 6 awesome students and staying at a camp w/ them, hopefully will get to hang out w my buddy Drew from Ozark, and hopefully see some more friends from the olden days. (when were those? i don't know. i'm just sayin'.)

Hotlanta, here I come. I'm going home to pack.

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Allison said...

I thought I would share a National Missionary Convention memory as well. Okay…well, two. The first one that comes to mind when I think of the Missionary Convention is taking Aubs to the emergency room in Tulsa, OK when she was having an allergic reaction to her jean bibs. There was an anthrax scare at the hospital so there were all of these people in strange looking contamination outfits. The second involves me getting into a fight with Roxi (do y’all remember her???) on the LCC mini bus on the way to dinner one night. She totally went spastic and freaked out on me for no reason at all.