Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the first snow

have you seen it?
no, really, have you seen it?

little flakes of white...

oh, the snow
and fireplaces aglow
makes you not want to go

it's like magic dust
for a little while
until it piles up
and we sled
and we slide
and we ski
and we slip
and we build snowmen
but until then

it's just the first snow
have you seen it?
have you felt it?
the freezing
are like little pieces of grace

i love the first snow.


Dustin said...

snow? it was 85 today. i don't know anything about snow!

by the way, did you write that, or is it from something? It was very good.

Lucas said...

I saw it Mandy... but the first snow fall of the year usually takes me back to visions of whitey tighties and rounding Restoration Hall in the dead of night.

ooww my feet hurt just thinking about it.

Mike said...

I love snow. I live in upstate NY and we have'nt even had a descent snow yet. Only some flurries. It's just not fair. I suppose we will get our fair share later on in April when it is still snowing like crazy here. Then I won't be so keen on it.

Mandybear said...

no snow in Kentucky yet....

Its kinda sad! But, I will be in Illinois this week for Thanksgiving so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Lets hang out in S-town!

Mandy said...

dustin-although i love the first snow, i am jealous of your 85 degrees. and thank you.

lucas-that made me laugh.

mike-how in the world are you feeling? yeah this was just a light dusting last week, but it was pretty. i'm not ready for a decent snow yet.

Manda-we are SO hanging out in s-town this weekend. miss you!

Amber said...

Just stumbled on to your site for the first time. Gotta say, I love all of your music choices... I'll definitely add you to my favorites and come back often. Thanks for having some SWEET taste in music!

Mike said...

Mandy- I'm actually feeling suprisingly well. I can get around pretty easily. I just cant lift more than 10 pounds or drive yet which is kind of annoying. Other than that, I am just taking it easy and napping a lot. It's not too bad but it is starting to get mighty boring. Hope you have a happy holiday!