Monday, November 28, 2005

no schnitzel with noodles here

i can't even tell you how much i love this time of year.
These are a few of my favorite things:
  • Radio stations entirely dedicated to my favorite seasonal tunes.
  • Smells of pine and cinnamon everywhere you go.
  • Sparkling lights and trees (amongst the ugly yard ornaments people have so unfortunately put on display)
  • Busy shoppers making their lists, checking them much more than twice, and finding the best deals they can to make everyone happy.
  • My cozy living room in just candlelight.
  • The hopefulness the season brings and the hope that baby Jesus brought that started it all.
  • The feeling that the world gets that brings them to worship the King once again and reminds them of why they're here...even if only for the season.
  • Christmas in the Chapel at LCC. It's not Christmas without it anymore.
  • Memories of making Christmas cookies (of which there are only one good kind--my mom's) and green marshmallow-y Corn Flakes wreaths with my mom and sister while listening to Kenny Rogers Christmas albums among some other Christmas compilation records we used to have. I especially miss the scratchy sound of the records playing...
  • decorating the tree
  • Christmas parties and events and gift exchanges
  • the coming of a New Year (and the very likelihood of me spending its Eve in NYC this year w/ my good friend Faith. YAY!!!)
  • warm greetings and hearts
  • the excitement of something that's coming...something to look forward to and hope for
  • Christmas classics like Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Home Alone, etc.
  • Classic songs like good ol' Kenny Rogers Christmas stuff, all Amy Grant Christmas music (although the best songs are Sleigh Ride--Gloria and I have a long history w/ that one--and Tennessee Christmas), and lots more...

There's something so unique about this time of year that I just love.

I wish I could experience what the people of Israel went through 2000 years ago waiting on the birth of baby Jesus. I'm sure it didn't involve credit cards and special songs and pine tree smells. But, I know the excitement must be similar...

There's a stirring.

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