Friday, December 09, 2005

after a night of watching tv, here are my questions:

-Why, oh why, can't the OC just have happy times for awhile. It ended happy, but then on the preview for next week there's a kid about to kill himself b/c he's in love w/ Marissa. Come on!

-I love Everwood. That's not a question, I realize that. And I love that Ephram and Amy kissed and that Bright is really sweet w/ hannah and forced her to see her own beauty. We need more boys like that in this world.

-How does one get a job dancing for one of the Target commercials with a giant Wheat Thin on one's head? Or, perhaps, an old Gap commercial. What happened to those anyway? And I'd really love to dance in a fun commercial.

-How do I always get sucked into Friends at 9:00 when it's on? I think I secretly wish I were there with them.

-During the news coverage of the tragic airplane incident, I couldn't help but notice that they just kept on showing the tip of the plane that said "Southwest" and that's all that would show. Why is this? Is it not obviously a media bias? And is this Southwest's fault or is it Midway's fault? Either way, it makes me fearful of flying to NY for New Year's...especially following this text from my friend Becka recently: "dude. just had a dream that you were killed in a plane crash. freaky." awesome.

-and the question that is also the cause for me staying inside all night to watch tv is this-- did the people in lincoln forget how to clean the streets off? i'm just curious. they're still not good. and does anyone want to give me their garage?

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