Thursday, December 22, 2005

Relevant Podcast / Bono

If you're interested, check out and scroll down to the recent Podcast about Tara Leigh Cobble's article on "How to Dismantle an Idolized Bono." I read the article in 850 Words of Relevant a couple days ago and responded by sending my feedback (along w/ hundreds of others) to Relevant, and I guess they read part of my response on the podcast. My friend Laura Ashely and her husband Randall heard it on there and called me.

I just thought I'd let you know. It was quite the article.

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Matty J said...

Hey Mandy, could you either post or e-mail ( me your response to the article? I too was at a U2 concert recently and experienced the "Coexist" only it was done both during "Sunday Bloody Sunday" AND "Yahweh" which took it a little too far for me. I thought the relevant article was interesting, and I think it hits home to some U2 fans who preach Bono's faith more than they do Jesus. I posted on my own blog about the concert, although my feelings are already starting to change some from that orig. post. Anywho...all this to say, I'd be interested to hear what your take was.