Monday, December 05, 2005

these days

Let's just come right out and say it. I'm in love w/ Michael Buble. Or maybe just his voice. "so why don't you marry it?" you ask. "OK." I'm ticked b/c I missed most of his PBS concert last night.

It takes a lot less to make me cry than it used to. Not necessarily sad-crying, that is, but I feel like I got choked up multiple times in the past week over TV shows (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition mostly), the Invisible Children movie, Christmas in the Chapel, etc. I've just noticed.

In a different way, it takes a lot more to make me laugh, too. I've realized I'm not as easily amused at some things like I used to be. That's neither good nor bad.

I keep going to bed in Illinois and waking up in Alaska. Or maybe Antarctica. Same thing. It was freaking 4 degrees this morning! What's the deal w/ that?

I'm all about telling everyone about this: Invisible Children. If you've never heard of it, go check it out. This is about a crisis that's been ignored for wayyyy too long in Uganda. Children are being abducted every day to become sex victims or are being forced to join the army that's killing good people and trying to overthrow their government. PLEASE check out Invisible Children, order the DVD and pass it along. If you want to watch mine that I just bought, I'll gladly lend it to you!

In the past two weeks I've gone from having zero engaged friends to having TWO engaged friends: Kate (King) and Kristy (Kerestes). SOOO happy for both of them! They couldn't be more deserving!

I'm still wondering when it's my turn to at least be on the road in that direction. Not unhappy or even discontent. Just wondering. And waiting.

I'm drawn into the Chanel No. 5 perfume commercial that, at first, appears to be a Nicole Kidman movie...but nope! Just an extravagantly long commercial for an expensive fragrance! that's all!

I'm thinking about buying a black faux fur hat to match my pull-through scarf...or maybe a red hat to match my red gloves. we'll see. it's not important.

This season is busy! But I love it.


Mike said...

This could very well be the most random post that I have ever read! :)

Rachel said...

Mandy you actually have 3 engaged friends right now. That's right, it's finally happened....I'm engaged! I was worried about the age difference at first, but when Neil Diamond proposes you don't say no! What? Why did I choose Neil Diamond for that joke?!

Lucas said...

rachel -- You choose Neil because he's the man! Have you ever heard Cherry Cherry?!?

Mandy - I agree with Mike. This blog is perhaps more random than the billions of flakes outside my window. But I am with you about the engauged friends. I'm slowly becoming the single minority. I'm just going to start telling people I'm engauged like Rachel... but I may not pick someone as cool as Neil.

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

i'm good at random.

maybe I should start saying I'm engaged to Michael Buble. But then my married last name would be Buble, and I don't know if I can handle that. I'll choose someone else.

Mandy said...

oops. i accidentally commented twice and ended up deleting it. that looks so bad, like i said something i didn't want to.

Adam said...

Yeah not being engaged is better when you have friends who also are not.

I am counting on Lucas, Tyler, and Lawerance to stay unengaged. If one of them goes I better find somebody quick

Mandybear said...

engauged friends huh lucas? You need some sort of spelling class for real. Ha ha. Engagement Smagement, who needs it! We need to all get together and live across the hall and go to the coffee house everyday and hang out just like my real friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey do. Anyone with me?

Mike said...

I call dibs on being Chandler, because I bear a resemblance to him that complete strangers like to point out on a daily basis.

I'm all for starting a singles apartment complex above a coffee house. It will be fun.

rachel said...

Hey Mandy..was reading your blog today,and can't believe Kristy is engaged! Tell her congrats for me. How's the rest of the streatorette crew doing? Yeah I hear you on the whole engagement thing...content but just wondering. At least there is hope for prospects in Il. The prospects are slim in Africa..hang in there. When God blesses us with the perfect person we will be thanking Him for making us wait! Take care. Rach D.

Lindy said...


I didn't even know Michael was on PBS the other night!!!

I feel robbed.

Allison said...

I hear ya! Yesterday at a lunch at work I thought that I would sit down at a table of people that I haven't had the chance to get to know very much yet. Nice people, great people....However, it was let's talk about our weddings/marriage table and I soon found out everyone was married except me (even though I was older than some). I was left with nothing to say and ate my pizza in silence.