Saturday, January 07, 2006

the best year of our lives

In case you didn't know, "the best year of our lives" was the title of our journey to NYC for New Year's as a preface to the actual "best year of our lives" that will be 2006. Let's hope, anyways.

Some pics and words from our adventures...

Faith's humble abode where we slept on 2 air mattresses in the living room. Might not sound like fun, but with the 3 of us it was a blast. We watched Friends every night. It's so fun to watch Friends with friends.

Friday a.m. @ the Met.

some of my faves...Degas and Monet.

scenes from the city

for some reason, i love this pic from the ferry ride to staten island. might i add that we chose the perfect time to take the ferry. On the way there, the sun was shining, then setting behind Lady Lib, or Libby, as I called her, and on the way back it was dark and the city was all lit up. I was all lit up inside. And frozen. See more ferry pics below. (much to my disappointment, the night pics were blurry mcblurrstersons.)

shine on, Lady Lib, shine on.

@ the South Street Seaport
the city in motion
becka's first Times Square experience
St. Patrick's Church
ye ol' Rockefeller tannenbaum
us at SEA, the coolest Thai restaurant ever in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. such a cool place!
Watch closely, I am about to perform magic before your eyes...
And, voila! empty dessert plates. now how did that happen?
and, prepare for the most "perfectly miserable" 8.5 hours of your life. oh wait, that was us. it was quite the rollercoaster of a night, but SO MUCH FUN!!! we had the best spot ever. Look closely at the below picture of Carson Daly's stage, which we were extremely close to and you'll see him. We were right behind that and the Chevy stage where Mary J. Blige performed. I have pics of her kids watching her perform from the steps.

We may or may not have survived the night had they not thrown out these free mittens to all of us. Our gloves were wet and freezing from the previous rain. That's Faith, me, and Becka w/ our new friend Sarah from San Diego. She and her 2 friends were leaving for Israel the next day for a couple weeks. (you get to know a lot about people when you stand practically on top of them for 8 hours without moving.)

anxiously awaiting midnight...

i loved all the confetti falling. However, I still wish it would've come out of the giant Cup O' Noodles below the ball. oh well. Maybe next year they'll take my suggestions.
Happy New Year!!!! We survived!!!! it was so fun!
We tried to go to the Redeemer Church service on New Years Day at this Baptist Church near the Upper West Side, but it was so crowded that people were waiting on the steps to get in and were all turned down. They couldn't fit another soul (haha, no pun intended) into the church building. Actually, a great problem that I wish we'd see more often in the Midwest.

the BEST Billy Joel Tribute band EVER, called Big Shot, at B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill on New Years Day night. as I drank my prickly pear martini and sang along to "New York State of Mind," I said to my friends "this moment couldn't be more New York." I loved it.
me & Becka outside of Felicity's workplace, Dean & Deluca. Breanne Prunty would appreciate this one.
inside St. Patrick's
carry your candle and go light your world, folks.

OK, so this candy store made my night. The candies, shown, are called Satellite Wafers. Pretty much everyone makes fun of me for loving these things b/c they are basically edible styrofoam filled with tiny nonpareil sprinkles. I had been searching for literally years for these and found them there. It made my day. (and much to my surprise, i found them AGAIN today in a gas station in Sandwich, IL!!!! i couldn't believe it! twice in one week, and i've been looking since i was like 7 years old!)

the famous Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot Chocolate. yum. Sorry, Dustin, but I disagree on the overratedness of Serendipity. loved it. i could totally go for one of those right now. However, I would definitely agree on Lombardi's having the best pizza. that was AMAZING!!!

On that note, I must say my top 3 restaurant choices for NYC are these:

1)Lombardi's Pizza

2)Cafeteria (where they go on Sex & the City...I also felt "very New York" there as I drank my Mimosa and ate a yummy 3:00 lunch.)

3)SEA--best Thai restaurant, best atmosphere, best prices.

What a wonderful way to ring in the New Year. It was definitely the best New Years I've ever had and probably ever will for quite some time. We're already planning New Years '07 in Vegas--2nd best place to celebrate New Years Eve.

And by the way, people are SO NICE in NYC! What's with people in the midwest? We pale in comparison. I'm so impressed with the acceptance of people there, or at least from what I experienced. And I so want to move there. I might.

I hear the city calling my name sometimes.


Adam said...

wow that was really... big blog did that take an 1 1/2 to do? Looks like a lot of fun, I will someday spend New Years in Times Square and dance with a stranger.

Dustin said...

glad you had a good time! the pics make me miss my old home! dang. oh, and lombardi's! AHHHH.

Shelly said...

that's awesome manderin..i should have watched for you on tv as tony and i sat in our "settle inn" hotel in kansas city on our way to mn...
also, i love the kathy tricolli line you snuck in there...that's like the song they play for every senior night at church...go light your world seniors...i wont mention who sang that at our senior night...he didnt so much light the world if you know what i mean...i wont say names..since so many lccers read your blog....wink wink....

Nabeel said...

loveddd the pics !!