Tuesday, January 17, 2006

sweet nothings

this just in: i'm not good at blogging anymore. i pretty much suck at it.

i just typed up two entire paragraphs about stuff...twice...and then deleted them. they were stupid. i promise.

one of these days, i tell myself, i will write myself a good little blog entry.

And really, I'm not sure why I have become so lazy as to not even capitalize the first letter of every sentence. If I'm going to use punctuation, I may as well have some continuity with my capitalization just the same. (As if it takes more time and an extreme amount of effort to hit the SHIFT key while typing.)

And I know it's already January 18th and all, but I'm just wondering what this year holds. If I only had my crystal ball...

And, finally, to end on a completely random note...I am officially, unregretfully, and openly addicted to The Bachelor already. It is a weekly event, friends. And yes, I participate in abc.com's The Rose Ceremony game to predict who Travis will pick each week. I am not ashamed. But never, no never, could you pay me money to be one of those girls on the show.


Mike said...

Out of shear desparation for something to watch, I regretably caught the first episode. That one girl was crazy. "My eggs are rotting"???? Who says that?

Mandybear said...

I want to come to your Crystal ball...could you invite two princes?