Sunday, January 22, 2006

fact or crap:

The game Fact or Crap sucks: FACT

The company you play it with can actually still make it funny: FACT

The questions in the game are good: CRAP

I got reservations to go to Oprah on February 22nd: FACT

It's easy to call in and get reservations on the day it says to online: CRAP

I slept till 12:30 today and I am still wide awake at 1:30 a.m.: FACT

I may be visiting my friends Matt Wertz and Rob Blackledge at Augustana next Sat.: FACT

I just preordered the new Dave Barnes CD Chasing Mississippi and so should you: FACT

I think I'm going to New Orleans with a Week of E group in March: FACT

You love this blog entry of mine: CRAP

I am going to go to bed now: FACT


Melissa said...

That was fun! I want to do it.

The snow and ice on the trees is the most beautiful I have ever seen it in my life: FACT

We shaved Lilly: CRAP

Nabeel said...

lol .. this is funny