Tuesday, February 28, 2006

let all the earth rejoice

why? because Travis picked Sarah on The Bachelor!!!!! Hooray! It's the first time in history that the person I wanted to be chosen and had faith in was actually chosen. I knew the show was trying to trick us into thinking otherwise, and while everyone else was starting to lose hope, I still had a string of it that I held onto knowing that Travis was smart enough to pick Sarah. I knew he HAD to know that she was perfect for him. He said it himself! They're so darn cute!!! And I hope they're living happily ever after now that the show's over!

In other news, if I wake up to "Check Up On It" by the despised Beyonce once more, I might send my alarm clock out the window. I just might.


Rachel said...

Blech, I hate Beyonce!

Shelly said...

i want you to check up on it, ladies let him check up on it, watch him while he check up on it...check him check him check up on it....the first time i heard that i thought it was skipping..what in the world is that gay song...? really what is it?
ps..my word verification..was.checkuponit

Mandy said...


Shelly that was hilarious. Seriously, it has no rhythmic flow whatsoever. I couldn't believe how many times she says it the first time i heard it too! It literally makes me sick to hear songs like that. I was in the mall last night and left a certain store b/c that song came on. Sorry store, you just lost my business. Thank Beyonce.