Thursday, February 23, 2006

waiting for summer...and lots of travels

FYI--it smells like spring outside today, but it's a tease. It's still too cold for my liking. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the sunshine and all, but it's just not warm enough for me yet. I can't wait till summer. Or till I'm somewhere warmer.

I went to Oprah yesterday! Unfortunately, it was no giveaway day and it wasn't any of my favorite celebrities like Rachael Ray, Michael Buble, Patrick Dempsey, or Matthew McConaughey. Instead, we had the joyous topic of "America's Debt Diet: Part 3." Despite our disappointment, it was still cool to be there and it was pretty interesting. Tomorrow the part 2 episode is on, and I think ours will be on next week sometime. They said to watch on for the air date. You might see us in the audience for a split second! And I'm trying for tickets again's fun to go and I'm banking on getting a cool topic sometime.

I'll be in Indy all this weekend for the CIY Missions On Purpose conference. I enjoy a nice little work travel. I love it actually...I just hate driving the Scion.

I leave a week from Saturday to go down to New Orleans with one of the Week of E groups as the female leader w/ Brian Mills. I'm really excited. We're going to be living in tent cities in a Wal-Mart parking lot and gutting out moldy houses and building relationships with people in the French Quarters and the parish we're in. I can't wait to see how God moves and works in me.

Working on planning a trip out to L.A. this summer to visit Becka. I'm excited about that one too...if I can find a cheap flight!

Well, that's just where I am right now folks...things are good, life is great, and I'm anxious for some warm sunshine and some good travels! And sometime, I promise to sit down and write more of my thoughts than one of these random blogs, but I just never seem to have time to!


Aubrey said...

I would totally be up for a trip to L.A. this summer... Marissa lives there so we could visit both her and Becka :) That would be way fun!

guy roseen said...

i just red a compliment you gave to me regarding a poem i wrote in CO a few years ago. thank you. i needed the encouragement tonight. don't know you, but i do appreciate you taking the time to appreciate me. we all need that. even from strangers. however, you know the simpkins so you must be an amazing person!! thanks again.