Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So I'm taking care of a 2 year old child for the rest of this week...that should be interesting. At least it's Maddy and she's cute enough to make up for her sassiness. Although, I'm a little scared of her puking while I'm there. All I know is this week I will be learning 2 things: 1) lots and lots of patience. 2) I'm so not ready to be a mom yet. and, well, 3 things. 3) that Cory and David are great parents...especially compared to me.

As for other updates on life...

-It's official that Bethany Dillon will be opening for Shane & Shane on April 24th here at LCC. Yay!!! Can't wait.

-Sarah from Tennessee is so going to win the Bachelor. And thank God Susan is out of there w/ her horrible acting.

-I really want to move to NYC. Or to Texas where it's warm. But I'm not really joking. I really am jealous that my friend Faith is having so much fun in NYC. I enjoy my independence a whole lot, and I'm realizing that more and more lately...and it makes me really want to move there.

-I got proposed to today...by a Holer. LCC'ers know what that means--it's not real, folks. But I got a real ring. They bought fake rings off of eBay for today. Hilarious. However, I'm keeping it on because it's fun.

-I'm craving a good road trip. Not just any ol' road trip. I'm talkin' good music, warm sunshine, a good friend or two, windows down, feet out the window, all laughing and fun memories, headed somewhere on this great big planet, loud singing, did i mention warm weather?, Wertz in my CD player, lots of pictures... that kind of road trip. I'm craving it. I need it. soon.

-I'm now addicted to Metro-Mint water. I found it at World Market this weekend. It's naturally mint-infused water and it's totally refreshing but not gross or weird. It's soooo good. It's probably my favorite new thing.


Rachel said...

You know what a good road trip destination would be? Tennessee. Wait a minute. I live in Tennessee. What a coincidence.

Mandybear said...

I was thinking that Kentucky sounds like an amazing destination plus its half way to florida, so you can stop here and then go on to sunny FLA....or I am going to Vegas on March 8-12 and I would LOVE for you to come!

Lucas said...

Which Holer should I congradulate?

Melissa said...

How did it go with the cutest little girl I have met???