Saturday, April 01, 2006

it's true...'s April Fool's Day and I totally forgot! I need to do something...

...I haven't showered today.

...I can't get enough of the color green.

...I'm dying for summer to get here, for cookouts, concerts, flip-flops, and all that it brings.

...I'm burning CDs for my momma and my aunt that I promised to burn over a month ago.

...All my NCAA teams are out, so I don't care too much about the Final Four anymore. case you're wondering, Kate won our office pool. Yay for her!!! :-)

...Matthew McConaughey may just be the hottest man alive. Thinking of seeing Failure to Launch again.

...speaking of that movie, I like Sarah Jessica Parker and her fragrance Lovely. Sprayed it on in Bergner's last night.

...Can't seem to find springy shoes that I like that are cheap enough and that fit both of my feet. I think my right foot may be smaller than the left. new discovery.

...The Next Food Network Star may be my new favorite reality show. (well, 2nd only to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition which is already named the best show ever.)

...I need to read a good book. I have no motivation. Or I just can't seem to get into the right one. It's like men. I just can't find the right one and when I think there could be a good one, I lose interest. Can I make that comparison? I don't know...

...My closets need some serious cleaning that I'll probably tend to today.


Kyle said...

Have you ever watched Jonathan on Bravo? That is a good reality TV show.

Mandy said...

kyle, i need not get hooked on yet another reality tv show, yet i continue to find new ones i like. i have seen that show on Bravo pretty much cuz it's on like every time i turn on that channel. i don't understand what their goal is...and i miss watching Queer Eye on there.