Wednesday, April 05, 2006

things i love (at random)

-cleaning out the dryer filter

-wearing summer clothes (this includes flip-flops)

-chicken salad @ Vintage Fare in Lincoln

-lately, Watermark, Norah Jones, and Stevie Wonder


-bright colors

-fresh flowers (mostly daisies, as they are "the friendliest flower" in meg ryan's words)

-this desk calendar w/ 4 different tear-off notes from Pottery Barn that I am soon to buy

-air popped popcorn with melted real butter and parmesan cheese

-cramps. just kidding.

-my friend becka's abbrev's for words

-the feeling of all the LCC kiddos leaving on Week of E and the feeling they have when they come back

-singing along with a friend and a guitar (of course only those who can actually play and sing)

-making completely random lists on my blog

-playing different kinds of "Hit the Ball" (as the girls will all remember from our many times outside of the D-wing back in the day, and as I just played in my living room yesterday w/ Shannon, Barb, Haley, and Emily...although we didn't sign our ball.)

-projects. as of now, i have none. i need one.

-balancing my checkbook (i know. weird.)

-the shoes i'm wearing today

-mixing colors that wouldn't normally match

-vanilla soft serve from DQ with fresh berries.

-crossing things off of a list.

-polka dots and stripes

-being tan

-Oswald Chambers. I love reading my little daily devotions in My Utmost...

-the new Clorox Anywhere spray. I went on a rampage and cleaned every inch of our refrigerator yesterday. You can literally use it almost anywhere! Near babies, near food, etc.

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Mandybear said...

I love this post! You remind me of another Amanda I know...