Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the Shanes, Bethany, and Aaron

So last night, we had Shane & Shane, Bethany Dillon, and Aaron Shust here @ LCC. FINALLY, is all I have to say! I've been wanting to bring Shane & Shane here for about 4 years now, and Bethany for quite awhile, so it was an awesome night of worship.

It's hard to promote it as a concert, in my mind, when I know that a night with those guys is nothing but a night of worship. It was refreshing.

On the other side of it, it was fun getting ready for it even though they had some rough spots getting here w/ some trailer issues in Iowa and then after the concert some other crazy things happening! They're all awesome people and SOOOO friendly.

If you haven't signed up yet for the Global Night Commute, or if you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to Invisible Children's website and check that out. It's this Saturday, April 29th in cities all over the country. It's your chance to show up to a silent protest against the war in Uganda that little kids are being forced to fight every day.

ALSO, the guys who made the film for Invisible Children and started this whole shindig are ON OPRAH TOMORROW, Wednesday the 26th. Watch it!!!

Today my niece is THREE YEARS OLD!!!! HOLY COW!!

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Aaron said...

Random, random. When you search out your younger sister's name, you never know where google will take you.. but alas, it led me to your blog.

We were blessed to spend part of the day with you. Thank you for your amazing help and sweet smile.

Good news, Sarah passed her kidney stone, and all is well again!! YAY!

Hope to see you soon. Maybe in Chi-town for some pizza!!

Be blessed,