Saturday, April 15, 2006

it's good to be home

It's nice to come home for a few days. And in 'home' I mean to my parents' house. I still feel like I have two homes. I probably always will.

Good ol' Streator...not much to do here, but no different than Lincoln I suppose. At least Lincoln isn't known on Jay Leno for some crazy guy leaving his garage door up and thinking it was stolen... (if you haven't heard about this or seen this clip, let me know. i'll fwd it your way.)

Today I accomplished much...slept till 10:30, vacuumed out my car, helped dad mow the grass, washed my car (5 min. prior to the rain. I've concluded that washing your car is like doing a rain dance.), showered, went to visit Grandma in the hospital, went out to eat w/ other Grandpa at the American Legion, and came home to watch movies w/ the 'rents. Oh, and I had a lovely time sitting outside reading before we watched movies.

Have I told you how much I love this weather?

And let me tell you about the newest addition to my parents' house. It's a Gazelle. The animal, you ask? No. Heck no. It's Tony Little's latest exercise gizmo that my mom bought and it now adorns our living room. It's quite hilarious. I gazelled today for awhile, and mom put in the DVD of Tony Little's instructions which are quite hilarious. Money-making or not, that DVD is probably the silliest thing a person has ever created.

Well enough storytelling for now. I'm up way late tonight and for some reason felt the need to blog about my day in Streatorland. Hope it gave you something to do for 30 seconds of your day.

Happy Easter!

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Lindy said...

I want that clip!