Saturday, April 08, 2006

spring tunes and intersection

I want to put together a spring soundtrack. Or just a bunch of music that I love right now.

Here's what's in my ears:

Nathan Angelo
The Gabe Dixon Band
Wertz (as always)
United Live worship

I want to tell you how much I love the first two there...they're new faves. I found their music and fell in love with it. Check out their myspace sites and get a little taste of the flava... (FLAVA-FLAVE! )

On a diff. note, today was Intersection '06 in Bloomington/Normal where all the campus ministries and people of all different denominations, backgrounds, personalities, etc. gathered to serve in one of 4 tracks (Vivacity, Simplicity, Scarcity, or Longevity) around B/N. I did the Longevity track which meant I hung out w/ some old war veterans in the nursing home. I had the coolest old man--he was so nice. It was such a blessing to get out and do something beyond myself for once. It makes me realize how selfish I am and how my days pretty much go by without actually realizing that there's a world around me in need. I usually need something to smack me in the face to help me see it.

I hung out w/ a girl named Courtney who goes to Fuel, and she's legally blind. I'm so impressed with the way she lives on her own and how she gets around so well. God used her in awesome ways today--she was able to hang out with a veteran who was actually going blind himself, so God was clearly orchestrating that one to put them together today.

Anyways, putting those two things together I found that sometimes I'm just as blind even though I can physically see. I'm sure she sees a lot of things that I don't in people or in this world, and I'm probably missing out. I need to start opening up my eyes to more.

And on yet another different note, check out The Mocha Club--something similar to what Invisible Children is doing, but a way to make a very small sacrifice of two mochas a month (=$7) to raise money to help people in Africa. I know most of those kinds of things ask for like $35/month, so this was something I know a lot of us can handle. Check it out.

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Allison said...

So glad I got to see you and Aubs at the Wertz concert! Wish I could have been there sooner. Glad to hear you had a great day on Saturday. See you next week when you visit:)