Thursday, May 04, 2006

nothing at all of importance

i don't know how, but somehow that stupid "oh where is my hairbrush?" song just popped into my head. i realized it after i got annoyed with some voice in my head singing it.

krista taught me how to play Sudoku (is that the right verb there? do you play it? do you just "do" it? do you "solve" it? whatever.) last week and i came to the office to print off some online if i could find them. and then i ended up on here. i don't know how. i'm bored.

today was holerfest. reminds me of the holerfest several years ago in which i could not enjoy the festivities due to completing my Legal Environment independent study for Rick Hobler. I spent a greater part of the evening in the library computer lab (which used to be right NEXT to the hole) working on writing several chapter reviews from these legal journals in which i was VERY uninterested. I don't believe I really even had time to eat dinner that night. Keep in mind, this was all in the day our IDS 302 project had JUST been completed and everyone else was right outside the window having fun without me. it was a sad, sad day. you shouldn't feel bad for me, though, b/c it's over. like 4 years ago. i'm over it.

i'm already realizing how bored i'm going to be when my roomie shannon moves out later this month. i will miss her dearly. :-(

i can't even begin to tell you how much i really like the cream puffs and eclairs that are available at your local ALDI store. they're wonderful. just a thought.

Rob Blackledge is coming here on Tuesday. Should be fun to hear him sing us some of his tunes again!

My skin has been pretty itchy lately...for a few days it stopped and i think it's coming back again. Maybe i need to put more lotion on. or maybe i am going to become yet another statistic in the midwestern mumps outbreak.

did you hear that they want to raise stamps 3 more cents to 42 cents? Jeez, by the time i get married it's going to cost like $3000 just to invite people! ugh.

and on that note, i will end this meaningless post. Sorry to get all Ecclesiastes on you.


Ali-son said...

hey did you end up at holerfest this year?

Lindy said...

I remember missing out on most of holerfest my last year in Lincoln. I had art class. There was lightning. And I remember a rainbow. But no games or pig for me. Just the laughter and voices wafting through the open windows to the admin lab.