Thursday, May 11, 2006

traffic school

So I had to go to traffic safety school last night because of my one and only ticket that I received months ago. 6-10 p.m.--the most boring night of my life. It couldn't have come on a day when I was more tired, but I survived! The little old teacher was just adorable, and I'm pretty sure I almost teared up a couple of times due to his stories from being a past cop and all the accidents he witnessed, losing his son to an accident b/c he didn't wear his seatbelt, and all the disgusting things he had to see b/c of people who are drunk and then drive. Idiots. I really HATE when people drive after drinking. Do I really need to prove why? I think it's obvious.

Speaking of driving safely, I was on my WAY to Bloomington to take the class, and I almost got hit by this lady with an Arkansas license plate. She totally just merged right into my lane, ignoring my little red Focus in the way. Ugh.

I definitely have a little bit of an aggressive driving behavior. I even took the little quiz in my book last night and it made me realize I need to cool it down when I get mad at all the Lincoln drivers who don't know how to use their blinkers. Hopefully now I'll stop losing my patience in the first 5 minutes of my day on the way to work.

AND...I felt like a jr. higher trying to keep myself awake by tracing the letters in my book, doodling my name, and drawing geometric shapes. I almost kept giggling though, when the teacher would say "happen" or "push" or "can't" with his Southern IL accent. It sounded like "heappen" or "poosh" or "ceeant". It was funny to me. Anything to stay awake.

However, for the friend I talked to all hours of the night that caused my tiredness, it was well worth it.

Anyways...I promise someday I'll have more substance on here...I just need to sit and write someday.

P.S. it's freaking cold outside today! what happened?! seriously, summer, come back!


Melissa said...

That sounds like the same man who did my traffic school. Did he share a story about a train hitting a car and finding the eyes of some kids? It was so horrific.

Mandy said...

omg, it IS the same man! I was like almost crying and puking at the same time when he told that story. Unbelievable. I hope I never have to find the eyeballs of some kids next to the train tracks.