Sunday, May 14, 2006


So today was LCC's graduation and it made me ponder several things.

1) my own graduation from LCC 2 years ago. I'm pretty sure I still feel like there's an assignment I forgot to do or some reason I shouldn't have graduated, yet I did. And they still hired I'm assuming I got it all done? Guess so!

2) I also remember my only concerns at graduation being these 3 things: 1-worrying about my cap falling off my head, 2-tripping on the stairs or on stage and then falling on my face (as every girl worries about in heels), and 3-having to go last and turn the tassle for everyone. Why does it automatically have to be the only person who served on Student Cabinet that year? Can't it just be the last person to walk across the stage who has to do it?

3) Graduation is both memorable and unmemorable. I have no recollection of what Gary Johnson's sermon contained on my graduation date of May 14, 2004. Yet, graduation is still a memorable thing in general. It's an accomplishment. a HUGE one that, at the time, you just don't realize. And after it's finished, you still forget how big of a deal it kind of is!

4) Graduation is also pretty much the reason I do my job...yeah I'm here to recruit students to come to LCC, but I don't want to recruit to keep students there. I do it to bring people in and eventually get rid of them again so they go back out into the world to serve and lead! There are two seasons that are the culmination of all my work--Move-in/Orientation weekend, and Graduation. It's what is beyond both of those that is most important. I hope the people I recruit are world-changers.

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