Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I really haven't a clue why I am awake right now... I'm tired, but probably due to the large piece of chocolate cake I ate about an hour ago, I don't know that I could fall asleep. I just want to be tired enough when I actually lay my head down on the pillow in my Galt House hotel room.

I'm in Louisville right now for the North American Christian Convention, which is quite an interesting time. Fun, but also can be boring, and somehow tiring. This Christian Church/Church of Christ world is such a funny little network. Everyone knows everyone somehow.

Tonight instead of going to the main session I skipped and walked down to Waterfront Park where the Gabe Dixon Band was playing for free. No one else wanted to go, but it was kind of fun to just walk down the river by myself and people-watch and enjoy good music. I love a good people-watching place and love a good band. And if I could figure out how to post video clips on here, I'd post you the clip that I taped from afar of this guy dancing in the crowd. Let's just say there were some free-spirited people there that were pretty interesting to watch. He had about 3 moves that he chose throughout the night...including something similar to the robot.

I'm enjoying the view of the Ohio River from our 18th floor room, and I think tomorrow morning I'm going to take a nice walk down the river when I get up. Have I mentioned that I just love being in the city where there is actually life at night? However, somehow I am still in my hotel room while the rest of town is out and about, probably partying it up at 4th Street Live somewhere...except for all the NACC goers, I'm sure. I should probably get some sleep so I'm rested and rarrr-ing to go in the morning.

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Lucas said...

Are you kidding... you stayed in your room... the only reason someone in their 20's goes to the North American is to
A. Work a booth
B. Ask for money
C. Go get plastered at night
D. All of the above