Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'm pretty good at doing multiple things at once. Currently:

-watching So You Think You Can Dance that I taped while I talked to Faith on the phone earlier.

-emailing another friend

-yelling at the teenagers who, currently, have their cars parked outside on the street with loud rap music blaring and they're literally dancing in the middle of the street. (I'm not actually yelling at them except for once in awhile screaming "Shut up!" at a volume they probably can't hear, but hoping they do...)

-filling out the U.S. Census I got in the mail today. Kinda fun, but definitely didn't realize we still had those since the days of Caesar Augustus and such. I remember asking my parents when I was little how they counted populations and they always told me there was a census, but I never quite believed it till now!

-eating frozen peaches from grandma & grandpa. yummy...

-uploading songs for kate's wedding CD's that i'm working on.

-obviously, blogging.

I should probably find some more things to do because I'm clearly not doing enough.

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