Sunday, May 28, 2006

things i should probably buy soon...

-Anderson Cooper's book Dispatches from the Edge. Just spent 3 hours in BN reading it today and I'm almost halfway through it. Amazing stuff. And can I just say that he's pretty hot for a 40 year old guy? I'm just sayin'....he is!

-an iPod. someday, apple. someday.

-a new cell phone. nah, i'll just see what free ones i can upgrade to.

-The Fray's CD. Thanks Steph--you got me hooked on that song and now I hear it everywhere! But I love it!

-wedding gifts...ugh.

-a ticket to fly to Cali to see Becka. ;-) i promise, girl, i gotta get out there before you and faith get famous from the Amazing Race.

yeah, that's all. i couldn't think of anything else to say. note: i will not be purchasing any of these soon, however, unless you want to send donations. :-)


Kunjali said...

i also love anderson cooper. sadly, he does not love women. anyways, hope you are well. i'm here in the P studying away.

Epp said...

an ipod is a good investment.