Friday, August 25, 2006


Mmmk. so I just updated this post. Here's what's up: I'm letting ya'll know about some new CD releases and upcoming concerts you should check out. I like to be in the know of what's coming out, so as I write this I'm checking things out on Amazon myself. Here's what's to come:

already out - the Step Up Soundtrack. I'm pretty sure I need to get it, based alone on the dancing in the movie.

8.25.06 (today) - Ray Lamontagne's Till the Sun Turns Black. Just this year I fell in love w/ his smooth voice. It was all because the song Shelter was on the movie Prime and right then and there I got hooked. I can fall in love with or hate a song within 10 seconds I'm pretty sure.

8.29.06 - Rob Blackledge's A Song Like This. OK I just updated this post today (Saturday) to add this one in b/c I just found out today about it. And I'm not sure how many times myspace is going to let me listen to his new track "Worth Taking" but I can't stop! It is smooooooth.

9.8.06 - Justin Timberlake's Future Sex/Love Sounds. I'm not sure about this one yet. I might or might not want it. I still haven't decided. Kind of like I still haven't decided if I like SexyBack yet or not. I didn't think I liked it but yet I listen to it. I think it's growing on me.

9.19.06 - Matt Wertz's Everything in Between. I don't think I need to mention again how much I love his stuff. It's like there's an audio drug in his music that I'm addicted to. I can never seem to get enough of him. You can listen to some of the new tunes at his website; and from what the lyrics and feel of the songs seem to be (i love it) it seems like Matty might have a new love... there goes my secret dream of marrying him. i guess it's not so much a secret. if it ever was, it's out now.

9.23.06 - Shane & Shane in concert @ First Christian Church in Greenville, IL. It's on my calendar. Anyone wanna join me? Can't get enough of these guys either.

9.26.06 - Adie Camp's Don't Wait. If you don't know, now ya know. First of all, Adie is short for Adrienne. She's married to Jeremy Camp. She's the former lead singer of The Benjamin Gate. Listen to some clips on her website...if you like Frou Frou / Imogen Heap, you'll like Adie. I'm glad a friend told me she was doing this solo album b/c now I can inform you.

9.26.06 - Jamie Cullum w/ Josh Rouse in St. Louis. I'm soooo pumped to go to this. My friend Sarah and I already have tickets and I cannot wait. I've been dying to see Jamie Cullum tickle the ivories and sing me into ecstasy. OK that word was a little strong. But I can't think of anything else. All I gotta say is he better sing 'Frontin.'

9.29.06 - Jon McLaughlin at Illinois Wesleyan University. Since I still have never seen Jon perform, you better believe I'll be there when he's 30 min. away from here. Plus, it's obvious I'm trying to see as many concerts in one week (from 9-23 through 10-1) as possible.

10.1.06 - Christy Nockels is at Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook. Her voice might be one of the best ever. EVER. Can't wait to worship with her.

10.17.06 - Sarah McLachlan's Wintersongs. The title alone sells it for me. Winter is certainly a season that can claim its own songs...Christmas or not. And ya'll know I love my Christmas music, beginning in October. Good timing, Sarah, good timing.

10.27.06 - Derek Webb is at North Central College in Naperville. Hm...I have a college fair in Grayslake the night before....might just have to stick around.

And that's probably not all of them that will pop up along the way. And hopefully we'll have some good ones in the works here on campus as well...

What other concerts/releases do I need to know about? I'm sure I'm missing some good ones so fill me in!


Kyle said...

How far is the Derek Webb concert away. Because I want to go and see him. I also think that crowder is coming in concert sometime soon

Mandy said...

hey buddy! um...naperville's like 2 hours from lincoln. not too bad. he might be elsewhere somewhat nearby too...he had tons of tour dates on his site.

as for crowder, i didn't check that one. just saw him this summer front and center and it was fun. but i think i'm okay on my crowder for awhile. i have too many other shows i wanna see!

Shannon said...

You Need to Listen to Rosie Thomas. She's pretty amazing, and I'm thinking you'd love her. If I ever get married one of her songs will be my wedding songs.