Sunday, August 27, 2006

randoms from panera

so I'm sitting in Panera and I really want to write, but I've got nothing of substance. so this is what you get instead. random comments.

1) the cutest mom just walked in carrying an even cuter little asian girl who was peacefully sleeping over her shoulder. adorable. this makes me want to adopt even more than i already do. it just makes me smile. too many kids need homes. i will adopt them. not all of them, but some. ;-) and not anytime soon.

2) my lips are dry.

3) college kids are certainly back in Bloomington/Normal. they are everywhere.

4) i had to shop for a wedding gift today and i got sick of target. i don't know that that's ever happened before. i just scrapped the list and decided to give them money instead.

5) i'm currently trying to decide whether or not to take a vacation day tomorrow and take Aubs up on her offer to go to Six Flags for free. I'm considering it. However, I think the forecast is showing rain, so I'm not sure. And it's a 3 hour drive.

6) There are a few people in Panera right now that I think went to Lincoln. Well some of them I know for sure did, but there are some others who look familiar to me. I think everyone looks familiar to me.

7) I still can't believe Missy & Jake are having a baby! I won't announce what they're having on here and I'll let her do that, but Steph and I guessed correctly!!! Sorry Alli & Heidi. We should have bet something.

8) There is a leak in my apartment from the rain, and there is a small spot of mold on the ceiling near the leak, which is located directly next to my smoke detector (which probably will not work now). I'm beginning to think the mold may be what's causing my allergies.

9) I just lost the soft earpiece cover to my hands-free headphones.

10) man, my final one was going to be a picture i took on my phone yesterday in lincoln, but blogger won't post my picture. oh well. you can see it another time.

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