Thursday, September 07, 2006

hm...are these really promises?

I loooove Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. These things are amazing, and I now keep them in my office so when I lose my sanity I can regain it via dark chocolate.

However, I'm not liking the messages inside the wrapper as much as I used to. Yesterday I got this message: "Hey, why not?" What kind of message is that? I'm just going to start responding to everything with that phrase, I guess.

Today I got this: "Follow your instincts." Well, I do, usually, and I have been lately, and it doesn't always prove to be right. I guess I'm still wondering.

And then I got this: "Buy yourself flowers." Well, I'd rather get them from someone, but some days I am okay with buying myself some pretty daisies. Just not today.

I just thought I'd share these as I take a mini chocolate break to gather my thoughts.
After all, "Hey, why not?"

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