Thursday, November 30, 2006

why do i live in illinois?

The sky has not stopped dropping pellets of ice for several hours now. It's so loud hitting my apartment windows that I may not even be able to drown it out with my TV volume. I'm beginning to think we all may be frozen in until July. Maybe I should have stocked up more on canned goods.

Why couldn't the ice just be replaced with enchanting white flakes of snow so I can sit in my windowsill with hot tea in hand and a contented smile upon my face?

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Kyle said...

This is reason number 13 that I hate snow and anything relating to it. Granted it is pretty to look at, but the after affects of having to clean your car and other things that come along with it (huge things of ice, cold weather) is very annoying. I just like how it was amazing all week and then when Christmas in the Chapel was starting and the basketball tournament was starting up it decided to be the worst day ever. Sometimes I just want to move to California where the weather is nice all the time minus the earthquakes.