Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dove promises

Because Dove has such wonderful little dark chocolate promises, you'd expect that they'd actually have some good phrases on the inside of the wrapper. But they don't.

Today Lindsey got this: "Be your own valentine."
And my buddy Jordan got this: "Chocolate always loves you back."

I am thankful I didn't open those today.
Those are not the promises I like to hear.

Can I have the job to write those little things? Seriously.


becka said...

Even though the "promises" are dumb, these little babies are still pretty valuable. I learned on a recent "Naked Scientist" podcast that dark chocolate has the same health benefits of red wine!

Mandy said...

oh i know girl, those antioxidants are my excuse to eat all the dark chocolate i want.

Mills Family said...

I think you think too deep of thoughts to work for Dove. Your promises are based on something outside of your own experience and purposes. I am proud of you girlie! I love reading your thoughts. It comforts me when I am not with you. Keep going there!