Wednesday, February 07, 2007

an update on life...

I actually haven't posted in awhile. Here is a brief and random update on my life:

  • Awaken is over and went VERY well. Despite lower numbers, God did some great things at and through the retreat. I was moved, and I was glad. Sometimes during the planning process and making sure things are perfect and ready I miss the point. Thankfully I was reminded of the whole point during the retreat.
  • Also, don't be surprised if you find a video of me, Chantell, Emily, and Sammy doing '80s Jazzercise on youTube someday soon. I wouldn't doubt it if someone puts it up might pee your pants laughing if you ever get to see it. We were pretty much maniacs for about 10 minutes, but I wish I could wake up like that every day.
  • Somehow I've suddenly become addicted to chocolate. I used to not like it all that much, and I've been hooked on it for several weeks now. Mostly dark chocolate long as I avoid those silly Dove promises in the wrappers.
  • 10 days till John Mayer
  • 15 days till I'm hanging out w/ Kate in Baltimore
  • 23 days till I get to hang out w/ Amanda in Louisville
  • 51 days till I go to Romania. WOW. I had to count that one...closer than I thought!
  • one more day closer to warmer weather...but not close enough. I hate this cold and if I show up missing someday it's because I've up and moved to Texas.
  • about 3 and a half months till I have a little nephew!!!
  • I still look fwd to Thursday nights--The Office and Grey's Anatomy--like a 5 year old waits for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  • God is working...God is always working. (That is much better if sung to yourself as lyrics to dcTalk's "Word 2 the Father" from back in the day...) but it's the truth. TobyMac knew what he was talking about even in the '80s.
  • Today I feel content.
  • Good songs I've recently added to my iTunes: Amy Grant's Heart in Motion CD (yes, old school...don't even debate that one b/c it's classic.), Chasing Furies song Thicker (which reminds me of sound checks w/ One 5 Oh!--also an oldie but an amazing song), The Benjamin Gate - Lift Me Up (this song gets me pumped up like none it.), Paolo Nutini - New Shoes, Lily Allen - Smile, and Amy Winehouse - You Know I'm No Good. Oh, and of course our Jazzercise songs: Let's Get Physical and She's a Maniac. Praise the Lord for the '80s.
  • tonight i am doing laundry and watching American Idol.
  • This weekend I look fwd to watching my 3 year old niece "audition" for 'Merican Idol' in front of my sis, my mom, and me. She should probably get a golden ticket to Hollywood for her cuteness...even if her songs are made up and always involving Home Depot somehow. (she really loves Home Depot...we don't know why.)

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Mills Family said...

I've been checking every few days to read what you think....I am going to make you sweet niece a golden ticket. Do you have gold paper in the office you can print it on. Keep that contentment going...great place to rest. You did a great job with Awaken...I loving being a "co-laborer" with you.