Saturday, February 24, 2007

east coast, ya'll...

i really have very little to say, and honestly I'm not sure why I'm awake at 1:30 a.m. tonight in Baltimore. I'm hanging out @ Kate's house and watching Conan while she's asleep on the couch.

We've had an eventful day today, and I'm excited about our weekend to just hang out and shop and have fun! I just made the coolest craft project ever, and I'll have to post a pic of it another time. I think I might just have to open up a store that sells these's pretty darn cute.

Tomorrow we're going to paint pottery, which is a fun pastime with Kate! I love that we can be crafty together. I'll take some pics then and post those later too!

In other news, it's just as cold out east as it is in Illinois. I'm ready for summer. Mom, Cory, and I are heading to Vegas a week after I'm back from Baltimore, so that will have to suffice for my warm weather needs for now.

Until then, I'll enjoy the accents, seafood, and shopping of "Baldamor" and some good friend time w/ Kate!

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Mills Family said...

Makes me want to be with you...painting, crafting, eating..I'm so happy you got to go.