Monday, March 26, 2007

catch me if you can

How is it that weeks just keep on flying by, and here we are at the end of March already? Somedays I want the time to fly by so I can get through the busy times and moments of dread and get to something new or different in my life. Other days I wish life would just slow down so I can enjoy those moments of pure joy or more than 30 seconds of a breathtaking sunset on a breezy, sunny evening. But I can't control the time, and that's probably a good thing.

Anywho, as these days are fleeting by, I've been busy being forgetful, anxious, scatterbrained, and curious. I've had moments where I love being by myself, moments where I love being with my family, and moments when I actually wished I lived in community again like in the dorms. (That was a very brief moment, because rarely do I envy dorm life.) Sometimes I just miss the way us girls used to sit around together doing nothing but at least doing nothing together. It's way more fun to do nothing with other people than by yourself in an apartment.

Thankfully, I've had plenty to keep me busy and away from having nothing to do. I leave for Romania in 3 fact, my flight leaves O'Hare in approximately 71 hours. While I'm preparing for that, I'm trying to make sure things are ready for the Bethany Dillon/Warren Barfield concert here on Friday, April 13th (if you didn't know about this, you should come! It's @ are free to LCC students, $10 for everyone it's a pretty good deal for a fun night! Bring lots of people too!). Among those details, I'm trying to do what's actually my job and get students to LCC!

Because I like lists, here are the other things going on in my brain that have nothing to do with anything:
  • I have pretty much gotten nowhere with my March Madness brackets this year...though I do have Ohio State winning it all, I have them beating Kansas. Too bad they're already out...
  • I don't think I have a free weekend until that sad or good? I can't decide.
  • My new fave song="A Little Bit More" by Jamie Lidell...the one on the sweet Target commercial. I am in love with it. and I think I'm going to have to buy his music, b/c he's pretty much amazing.
  • I hate when sad things happen and when people get sick and when babies are lost and when old age steals the fun out of life.
  • I love this weather and the fact that I can run and walk outside again after work in the evenings...and that the sun is out until 7:30 or so at night.
  • I'm ready for my new purse that I ordered to come in...
  • I hope I can get some sweet pictures in Romania...I'm really hoping for some good ones.
  • I'm probably going to have to send my dentist's office a postcard, because now that I've been there like every day since last Wednesday adjusting my crowns, we're all BFF.
  • I love this weather. did i say that? and the smell of rain tonight coming through my window was incredible...i want a front porch so badly...

And on that note, I think I'll go back to enjoying that lovely smell...and a new episode of The Hills.


Jennifer said...

Ditto on the purse thing...the dang thing gave me stomach cramps with all the decision making, and now I just want to use it!

I, too, love the smell of rain, and would also enjoy a front porch of my own....

And, the dentist thing...I feel ya on this one. Maybe your dentist and my dentist can get together and raise their champagne glasses while toasting us janky-tooth girls! (just, nor myself, have janky-teeth!) I laughed out loud at the BFF reference, however!

jake raymer said...

Is it Bethany Dillon opening for Warren Barfield or the other way around?

...better luck next year on those brackets, mine aren't so good this year either.