Tuesday, July 17, 2007

mecca lecca hi mecca hiny ho

-the other night while watching Ace of Cakes, one of my fave shows, they cast a spell on a cake (joking, of course, they're not satanic, people!) with Pee-Wee Herman's old genie's phrase that you see above. i miss it. i want to start using it more often. along with gangsta words like "shawty" and "boo" and "grill" and whatever else I can come up with. just for fun.

-i am somewhat seriously considering going on the show Don't Forget the Lyrics, as remembering many songs' lyrics is one of my specialties. i've already printed out the application but haven't a clue what i'd do on my video...any ideas of what I should do to show my personality?

-as per my previous statement, i'm also taking willing and knowledgeable volunteers who may be good candidates for my 2 people to have as support in case i do not know a certain lyric or genre. anyone wanna be my "backup singers?" should i win some big money and you actually provide me with lyrical assistance, you will obviously get something out of it.

-continuing on with TV shows, I'm missing last year's cast of SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) like we were BFF. I watched 4 episodes on videotape from last year 2 nights in a row last week just to rekindle our friendship. So far this year I think I'm going to like Dominic & Sabra the best...who do you like?

-If you didn't watch The Next Food Network Star, it's too late. This Sunday they'll reveal who wins, and I strongly hope it's Amy and not Rory. And the drama with JAG was quite interesting and overdramatic, in my opinion. Thoughts, anyone?

-SOAPnet--thank you for playing reruns of The O.C. during the hour of 5-6 p.m. when my evening is most boring.

-Budweiser--thank you for beginning to play the Real Men of Genius commercials once again. I think they are creative genius.

and p.s. I do have a life outside of TV...i think.


The Young Circus said...

I'm with you, Mandy. I hope it's Amy and not Rory too. I was totally shocked when they initially picked Jag. He was way out in my opinion! :-) I'll watch an Amy show! :-) Good to see you Sunday!

Tony Anderson said...


I found your blog; I have my own but I have never written anything important on it. Maybe I will begin to "blog" if you read it. Deal?