Saturday, September 22, 2007

25 reasons to celebrate being 25

1. Because 24 sucked, so 25 can only get better.
2. I'm going to Vegas w/ my mom and aunt for a birthday present & vacation.
3. I have the coolest mom ever for taking me to Vegas for my birthday.
4. I'm one year wiser, or at least I'd like to think so.
5. MTV is playing reruns this weekend of So You Think You Can Dance...all weekend. I'd like to think it's in honor of my birthday.
6. I have tons of amazing friends, and I seem to recognize it more and more each year.
7. I can now rent a car.
8. I think my car insurance will go down this year...correct?
9. Maybe this year is the year of the man? I declare here and now that it shall be...
10. I'm okay with the fact that I laid on my living room floor and watched You've Got Mail for my birthday. In fact, I was happy to do just that. I think that's contentment.
11. 25 sounds more adultlike than 24.
12. It's just a new start...and I'm always thankful for one of those.
13. I'm hoping I don't have to learn too many difficult life lessons this year like I did the past year.
14. I'm still not quite on the downhill slope to thirty.
15. I have 4 years left of being a "twentysomething." Most days, that's a good thing, but sometimes I'm not sure.
16. So much in life is yet to be just around the corner. I love that mystery...
17. 25 is just a better number than 24...and it does not have a TV show w/ the same name (as if that matters...? i have no idea why i said that...)
18. I'm legal to drink. (Oh wait, I have been for 4 years now.)
19. I feel like I'm finally beginning to understand myself.
20. I'm still young.
21. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm looking forward to it.
22. I'm learning that the things we gain on earth don't really matter...what we do for the Kingdom is what lasts. I can only hope I'll make more of an impact in years to come than I have in the past 24.
23. I can let go of the past and move on from it. That's freeing.
24. I'll miss my dad a ton in years to come, but I'm thankful that he still lives on in me in ways I'll probably notice more and more as I get the way I seem to say the wrong thing at the wrong time or the way I see his face in mine in the mirror sometimes or the way I can make people laugh.
25. I have had a great life so far, despite the difficult things I've gone through. I'm blessed. And I can't wait to see what the future holds.


Shannon said...

I love you Mandy. And think You're pretty amazing. I spent my b-day wondering around target. But I also felt content. It's good how God works that way.

Shannon said...

So i just realized i typed 'wondering' instead of 'wandering'...but I think i was wondering too. So that's ok.

Mills Family said...

Love you both...Shannon and Mandy..I think you are two of the best "twenty-somethings" I know.
Mandy! I love you....sorry I didn't get to talk to you on your birthday. I hope Vegas is fun!