Monday, October 29, 2007

Aunt Mandy

So I decided to write right now while the house is still quiet, because in about an hour or so I might be slightly busy. This week I'm babysitting my niece & nephew, Evan & Maddy, while Cory & David (my sister and brother-in-law) are in Hawaii. David got chosen through his work to go on this trip, because he's been doing really well, so they are enjoying a beautiful place for one week while I'm being a great sister by babysitting the kiddos. :) I'm now realizing how well-deserved this vacation is for them.

I really can't figure out how single mothers, well, single parents, I should say, of multiple children survive. I think one child would be manageable, but two is an entirely different story. Thankfully, Mimi (my mom) came to visit yesterday and help out all day. Without her I might have lost my sanity within the first 24 hours. The kids are behaving really well, so it's not necessarily that or my impatience. In the first day, though, we already had to take Evan to PromptCare because he had a fever from an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. By the time we got to their regular pharmacy, it was closed for the we journeyed to a different one to attempt filling his prescription there, which turned into my mom being in Wal-Mart for what seemed like hours while I entertained the kids in the car. And today, Evan and I dropped Maddy off at daycare, but I had to stay home w/ him due to him having a fever. Hopefully tomorrow he can go, so I can go back to work.

While doing this is quite challenging, I kind of enjoy the challenge. I like seeing if I can do it to know if I'll be prepared one day when I have kids of my own. And I've never learned to appreciate the peace and quiet at the end of the day quite like this before. There's nothing like the end of the day when two precioius faces are finally asleep and you get a few moments to yourself. I know that will be the biggest adjustment when I become a parent someday, because I'm used to spending my time however I want. I now realize the sacrifices that parents make...and only to a small extent, because I'm only doing this for one week!

It's bound to be an adventurous week...with a sick, but extremely happy 5-month-old, and a chatterbox, imaginative storyteller, 4-year-old who is going on 20. Actually, she told me the other night that she's 28 and she was going to go hang out with boys. (Cory and David, look out!) And if I can manage to change the darn crib sheet every day, it will be a miracle...that's the only thing I have managed to get upset about, because fitted sheets seem to be in a constant, waging war against me...along with Saran Wrap. I hate those 2 things.

Well, I hear a little boy waking up in his swing...Aunt Mandy to the rescue!


Tara said...

How did the babysitting go? I saw you at church on Sunday but didn't see ya afterwards. I miss ya!

Cory said...

you did a fabulous job little sister, and we can't thank you enough! now go cash that check i gave you and do something frivolous for yourself! thank you thank you thank you!