Friday, January 04, 2008

happy new year!!!

So I forgot to keep updating on my week, but that's ok. I'm sure you have better things to do than read my blog, and I certainly have better things to do being in New York than to sit and write to let you know WHAT I'm doing.

I'm having a blast w/ the girls, and it's great to be here and have the time to do basically anything I want. Since I've been to New York before, I'm not really doing anything touristy this time, and I get to enjoy the city in other ways. It seems I mostly try to eat good food. I really wish I could steal Rachael Ray's job with $40 a day and Tasty Travels.

Well, I just woke up and Faith just returned from her workout, so I'm off to enjoy my last entirely full day. I'll probably do some more wandering and shopping after she heads to work. Then I might visit the MOMA for an hour or so b/c it's free on Fridays from 4-8. And then, Becka and I are going to the New York City Ballet tonight. And maybe going to sing karaoke after that...we'll see. We tore it up last night w/ our first hurrah of karaoke with an old school Wilson Phillips hit, "Hold On."

So I'll leave you with that image in your mind to enjoy your day.
"yeah I know that there is pain, but you hold on for one more dayyyy....
and you break free, break from the chains....."

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Tara said...

So you found someone to sing kareoke with you and actually decided on a song?! :-)

How was the rest of your trip!