Friday, March 14, 2008

i do not heart british airways...

or maybe i should say that i don't heart american airlines? not sure whose fault it is, but I and 2 of my students are stuck in london, thanks to whoever checked us in at O'Hare and failed to check us in all the way to Budapest. i'm in the business center at the Renaissance Hotel at London Heathrow, not by choice, but b/c i have to contact our contact in romania and communicate what's going on.

so it might appear that we're living it up but not so much...

it's been a rough day.

we're flying out tomorrow morning at 8 30 and arriving in budapest around 11:55 am their time (3:55 am central time)

so we're safe. but pray for safe flights tomorrow and on the way home!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Lynn is here and he wants you to call him when you land so he can pick you up without parking.
Sorry you are stuck in London

Mills Family said...

Good thing you are in GOOD HANDS! Don't forget it is sometimes through the oops moments God teaches us....let him do that in your group.