Wednesday, March 12, 2008


* I leave for Romania TOMORROW. And I need to pack. And I'm nervous and excited. I can't believe it's already time to go! It seems like it's still weeks away, but I'm so looking forward to being there soon. If you remember throughout the week, say a prayer or two or more for us for safety as we travel, good health, and most importantly that God changes some hearts--ours AND the kids we meet. Pray for Rachel Ross, a LCC alum, who we'll be working with in the gypsy village of Tinca. We'll be back on Easter Sunday.

* Have you ever had a ticket from one of those cameras on a stoplight? If so, I'd like to hear about it. I'm paranoid that I might be getting one of those pictures in the mail. I really hope not. I have the absolute WORST luck with tickets, and I'm not that bad of a driver.

* I got to have coffee w/ my good old friend Kunjali from jr. high and high school yesterday in Peoria. It was so good to spend time with a friend that I don't get to see nearly enough and hear how her life will soon be changing when she goes on her RESIDENCY. She's going to be a great doctor...and I'll probably call her w/ all my hypochondriac questions.

* Someone at Apple has seriously mastered the art of discovering new music. I want their job. Have you noticed that any song Apple puts on their commercials suddenly becomes a big hit? If I were a music artist, I'd make it my goal to be on an iPod commercial.

* Speaking of music, I will never get tired of jamming to Bennie & the Jets and laughing at the scene in 27 Dresses. Just saw the movie for the THIRD time in the theater and laughed harder than the first 2 times.

* I can't decide which carry-on to take on my trip...

* I also get to go to Florida for a CIY conference at Panama City Beach less than 2 weeks after I'm back from Romania. I so can't wait for warmer weather.

* I don't think I could ever be Amish...

* In the works of my writing...I'm determined to write something about how people deal with depression and anxiety and how those who have never experienced either don't know how to understand those who do.

* I'm really tired of all of the wannabe cool reality TV dance shows that keep coming out. Because I grew up very involved in dance, I'm quite opinionated about the topic and can spot a good dancer when I see one. I got this email today from "On Camera Audiences" about a new show coming up called Your Mama Don't Dance that will be hosted by Ian Ziering (formerly known as Steve on Beverly Hills, 90210). I am very firm in my opinion that So You Think You Can Dance is the only good dance show where the dancers have actual skill and it's not a popularity contest as is Dancing With the Stars. Also the new show on MTV, America's Best Dance Crew, hardly even shows the groups dancing. I like the concept of dance crews, but it needs some work. And now Bravo is coming out with Step It Up & Dance hosted by Elizabeth Berkley (formerly Jessie Spano on Saved By the Bell). It looks ridiculously cheesy. As will probably be Your Mama Don't Dance. So I will stand by my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, even though it only airs in the summertime. Nothing comes close in comparison.

and that's all of my scattered brain that I'll share for now...


itskunjali said...

aw, thanks for mentioning me so was great to see you and i can't wait to hang out(read:gamble) soon! have a safe trip!

Cory said...

hey sister...have a great trip and be safe!

i would love to help you with your anxiety/depression info. i can help you with the postpartem angle of it. i've been learning a lot myself lately about things i've dealt with that i didn't even know my obsessive need to clean and how it is linked to ppd!