Thursday, March 20, 2008

only one more day :(

It's sad that I only have one more day here in Romania. I can't even believe it has gone by this fast! It's hard to believe it!

Today I spent most of the day w/ the kids and it just felt good to love on them and hold them and give them billions of kisses on their cute little cheeks. They love having our attention especially b/c with 15 of us around they're bound to get one-on-one attention with someone. They are such a joy, and it's amazing how you can figure out each little one's personality w/o even knowing their language. You know when they're being sneaky and ornery, and they pretend they don't understand when you're telling them "Nu! Nu!" (nu=no).

We've been blessed to spend this week w/ Rachel, Iza, and the other workers and kids at the Isaiah Center (FMN). I'm sad to leave. Rachel said she's going to hide our plane tickets. :)

Tomorrow will be a shorter day at the center, finishing our painting inside the apartments and painting the fences, sorting clothes that were donated, and saying goodbyes to the kids. We'll leave and go to the overlook of Oradea and pray for the city as a group. I'm hoping then that we'll have time to come back to Caminul Felix to play with kids here outside for about an hour, b/c I haven't even seen my kiddos from last year! It makes me sad to be halfway around the world and right next door to them but I haven't seen them yet! It's hard when we have dinner each night and by the time we're done it's dark outside. We can't invite ourselves into the homes, and the kids have school the next day. So tomorrow hopefully I'll get to see some of my kiddos!

Saturday morning we leave for the Budapest airport early and will fly to London. We have a 19 hour layover in London, so we'll be quickly sightseeing and staying overnight before our long flight back on Easter sunday. I'm hoping we're not welcomed back in Chicago w/ the 6-10 inches of snow that is expected. :(

I think I have more to process from this week and I'm learning from each experience as a leader and a servant. Hopefully I'll have more to share later on...tonight I'm having trouble finding the right words!

Have a great night!
Buna sera!


Tara said...

Sounds like you're having an amazing trip. Looking forward to seeing your pictures!

Glad you have your clothes finally! Have a safe trip back!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about your trip! We have to get together soon. I will explain later about my phone message the other night! :) I will be praying for your safe travel! ~Heidi