Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I realize I've neglected to write anything of substance for quite some time I'm hoping to use my upcoming week of travel/vacation to actually "vacate" my mind and sit and write a bit. We'll see what happens. I have high hopes for reading and writing when I travel, but I always end up people-watching instead. Or playing spider solitaire. Pray that I get motivated to read or write!

This weekend is my post-NYE trip with the BCG's (well, part of them...just me, Faith, and Becka)...which was originally planned to be in the Caribbean, but it has now become a weekend in Florida. I'm just happy to see a beach for 2 days...better than snow and negative temperatures!

So tomorrow I fly out to NYC, where Becka currently lives, to meet up with her. I'll basically be in the city for about 12 hours...just enough time for me to hang out at a coffee shop (OR maybe grab some Pinkberry if I'm lucky..., maybe catch up with Whitney Port? Just kidding...) until she's able to meet me, and then we'll get some sleep before catching our 8 a.m. flight to Ft. Myers, FL. Faith currently lives in Boston, so she'll meet us at JFK. She's moving back to NYC in about 3 weeks, and we're using up her last few buddy passes through JetBlue to enjoy our little excursion! So thankful for that!

After spending the weekend in Ft. Myers, Becka will head back home to NYC and I'm going back to Boston for a few days with Faith. I've never been to "Bahston" before, so I'm excited to explore a new city!

Here's to hoping I come back with a little bit of a tan...just 2 days worth...

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