Wednesday, February 04, 2009

"winter me"

It's winter, and I'm officially lazy.

Most nights I come home from work, put together some thrown-together meal (usually consisting of a salad, sandwich, or vegetable of choice & pan-seared salmon). I then proceed to my wonderful couch (on which I could pretty much live all day, minus going to the bathroom and getting up to get something to eat), to watch TV or reach the ends of the internet via facebook, various blogs, or editing photos for fun.

That's usually about it. Sometimes throw in many consecutively addicting games of spider solitaire, and I'd call it a night.

I know I've been lazy. It's easy to do in the winter. I don't work out, because I only like running outside when it's nice and warm, and I don't like going to the gym on campus because it's too busy most of the time. I have been lazy about reading my Bible and reading books in general. I just don't make the time. I haven't been writing, which is usually how I process my "deep thoughts" or things I've been reading.

(Sidenote: I have been fairly creative in painting and creating some other things, to come in future posts...)

But I need to start practicing discipline again. I'm not exactly sure how yet, but I need to put it into practice. Tonight I actually went to the gym to work out for the first time in months (thanks to Lindsey's encouragement!) and then sat down and ate my meal in music, no TV, no internet in front of me. And then I just read my Bible and a chapter from our SFG book, and it felt good. It felt like the normal me. Not the lazy me. And though the normal me likes to be lazy sometimes, I can't let that part take over.

But I don't like routine, and I don't like rigid schedules. I like to be flexible and play things by ear. How does one practice discipline and do this? And how does one practice this without inflicting self-guilt? Any words of advice?

It's always an endless cycle for me of going in and out of phases of discipline and laziness. I'm hoping to stay on the disciplined track for awhile...


Christine said...

Hey girl, I understand. I've found that I have to keep a book/my Bible open on the breakfast table so it's there when I sit down, so I'll actually read it. How lazy is that? But at least I know that's what works for me...and I've been in a pretty good routine to read while I'm having breakfast and drinking tea. And to start my morning right. But I'm like you, hate rigid schedules, would rather just "be" and see how things pan out :)

JaimeLee said...

Hey Mandy, I just wanted to leave a comment and tell you I really love reading your blog. Your very open in your sharing and that always blesses me. Thanks.