Monday, November 22, 2004

Ahhh....(sigh of anticipation, relaxation, excitement)

Christmas is coming! I love it!

Here's me right now, sitting in my office:

---drinking some tea from my oversized snowman mug,
---smelling my Gold Canyon Candle Co. candle called "Christmas Presence" (SOOOO yummy),
---listening to the Christmas CD's that are classic to me (currently playing: Amy Grant's "Home for Christmas" CD),
---just finished typing up a letter to all students who have visited LCC this semester, just updating them on Christmas in the Chapel and the excitement of the holiday season on campus.
---(and, to add the fifth, visual, sense that I left out, I'm also looking at the picture of Christmas in the Chapel from last year missing the excitement of singing and being up there on the stage watching people be blessed...or laughing at us! either one!)

Oh how I love this season!

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