Saturday, April 16, 2005

oh, just a few things of note.

I looked in the mirror this morning (well, this afternoon...i slept till 12:30) and realized that I'm pretty sure my nose is crooked. That's cool.

Had SUCH a great time hanging out w/ Kunjali and Sadie last night in Champaign. It was so good to see friends from high school and catch up!

I LOVE my new CD's from Kunjali: The Postal Service, Zero 7, Frou Frou, Jem, and Jeff Buckley. Thanks girl--you're the bestest!

Am grateful for life lessons learned from Rick Hornbrook's funeral. Chris did an amazing job of preaching at his own dad's funeral, and it challenges me to remember what this life IS all about.

I have no agenda for today, but it's beautiful outside and I just want to play in it!

I need to balance my checkbook.

Someday soon I hope to be able to write something of meaning and purpose in this blog...I just haven't had time this week to sit down and write a lot in here and I probably won't in the next week or so. I hope to soon, though, so do not fret my friends!


jackaway said...

you looking fwd to our mini road trip monday? if not you should be. thanks again for the lift, and no worries on writing meaningless blah on the blog...thats all i do on mine.

Adam said...

balence your checkbook?????????!!!!! people still do that

Do the online banking thing whenever you have a question you bring up the history and then your like oh thats right.

Lindy said...

I need to balance mine as well. Just can't seem to find the motivation.

Mikey said...

i just let my wife balance ours...she is the only one that writes checks since we got flowers on them.

Adam said...

So three of you balence your checkbook??? Why it is such a waste of time.

Acctually I buy everything on my american express card then pay it off every month. So I really go through 2 transactions with my bank account. When I pay off the AE card and rent

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see a blog with a positive theme.
Hello from Montreal, Canada.

Lindy said...

Mikey it still weirds me out that you're married. It shouldn't be weird. It just is. Weird.

Adam, I can't say that I actually balance my checkbook. If keeping track of a few transactions and just being sure that I don't deplete the money in my checking account counts as balancing it, then yes I'm balancing my checkbook.

I feel better doing it, though.

Mandy said...

it's so funny how the checkbook balancing turned out to be such a comment-initiator.

Adam, I actually just do it online and make sure I've written it all down. But I am, however, quite on top of keeping track of it all.

And Mikey, I agree that it's weird that you're married. Tell your wife hi for me!