Monday, December 12, 2005

just fillin' you in.

For some reason, random posts is all I can muster up these days. I have no time to sit and write a short story.

-So I really want to hang out w/ the Raymer's. One of these days I will make it up to Plano to see you guys! Also, Rach, I can't wait to see you too! Let's road trip to Plano when you're home!

-I have had the worst case of hiccups today. I only get the hiccups like once every month, and usually when I do, I'll get them multiple times that day or over a span of a couple days. It's very strange.

-I got my tickets to NYC for New Years! I leave the 29th and get back on Jan. 3. And randomly, my friend Becka (who now lives in CA), decided to go too. We're compiling lists of things to do while's mine so far:
  • ice skate in Central Park
  • see the tree in Rockefeller while it's still up
  • see the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir maybe?
  • maybe wait in line for standby tickets (that's all you can get by now) for Conan or Letterman
  • go to the bakery w/ those famous cupcakes (can't remember the name of it...)
  • go to Serendipity and get a Frozen Hot Chocolate (thanks to Rachel Ray for the tip)

-We haven't yet decided on NYE plans...any ideas? Times Square will be CRAZY but maybe we'll go for it...if i'm in the mood to freeze around a bunch of drunk tourists. I'd also like input from Dustin or anyone else w/ lots of NYC experience on what to do while there...especially on little $$.

-LCC has a b-ball game tonight. My poms girls are dancing.

-I can't even explain how much I love Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. No show has ever, to my knowledge, made more positive, meaningful impact than this.

-So if I splurge after Christmas and buy myself an iPod...what should I engrave on the back or side of it? any ideas?

-Go see Walk the Line. It's incredible. I might just buy the soundtrack w/ Reese & Joaquin's voices instead of the real June & Johnny! The story of how June stuck by his side is amazing. It's a true portrayal of grace and love. No offense, but I'd rather see that than Narnia. I'm just not into fantasy stuff. Maybe someday I'll see that.


Kunjali said...

the bakery is magnolia. i miss you! did u call a few weeks ago? sorry i never called back......finals are nuts. anyways, call me if you are in the big S. i will be around and we need to sit around in pajamas and drink margs and watch movies. love you!

Dustin said...

go to the Comedy Cellar. You can see NYC's best comics any night. Seinfeld showed up once while i was there just to try out new material! Awesome place, tiny, cramped and everything you would want out of a nyc comedy club. Go on a night when Mike Birbiglia is performing and I guarantee you will love him! Plus that whole area has plenty to do and see.

Lombardi's pizza. On Spring St. between Mott and Mulberry. Best pizza in the city no matter what any fake New Yorker will tell you.

Honestly I think Serendipity is an overpriced, overhyped waste of 3 hours waiting in line just to get in! Don't waste your time. Go to the East Village to Veniero's on the corner of 11th and 1st Ave for great desserts and see my old apartment 414 E. 11th St. between 1st ave and Ave. A! Or don't. Whatever.

Enjoy your time in the city!

Dustin said...

oh yeah, if you are a Rent fan and you have seen the movie you should go to the bar that they shot the scene in by my old apartment. It is on 7th St. between Ave. A and B by Thompkins Square Park. A really cool place!

Mandy said...

yay! thanks for the tips Dustin! I'll definitely check those places out! If you think of anymore cool places or sweet clubs to maybe go to on NYE let me know too. I don't know if I can brave the Square.

Kunjali--we definitely need to chill some night! we'll talk!

Allison said...

If you are going to Plano to see the Raymers, you should come a bit farther to see me:)and bring Rachel with ya!

and yes Extream Homemakeover is the best!

Rachel said...

Oh I am so there! (And by there I mean Missy and Jake's and then Allison's) I can't wait to see everyone!

Mandybear said...

I want to come to Plano with you, maybe over break?

Lucas said...

I've lived in Plano 11 years. I don't think I've ever heard this many people excited to visit it.