Monday, May 15, 2006

tv drama and affairs

So I can't handle the drama anymore. No more season finales for me...I think my heart needs a break from beating so fast by being worked up from these shows. I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy and last week's Gilmore Girls season finale that I had taped and still hadn't watched. My heart has been just about leaping out of my chest, and I think that's a sure sign that I should stay away from these shows for a little while. (good thing they were the season finales...but i'll be back next season!) Anyway, I know most of you reading couldn't care less, but I have to vent and let out my frustration! And I promise, I'm going to tie these 2 shows together with a major frustration about TV drama...I know you're so excited to stay tuned for that!

First, Grey's Anatomy. Seriously, Meredith and Derek need to get themselves figured out. And Izzy can't quit! She has to come back! And I'm glad that sometimes, just sometimes, Alex knows the right thing to do and say at the right time. I think he redeems his faults in those moments. I know deep down that Burke & Christina will be just fine...and even if he can't operate for some time due to his gunshot wound, I think it'll be good for their relationship and make them stronger. I just can't get over Denny...just can't get over it. I can't imagine being suddenly engaged, either, and then an hour later having to see my fiancee's body headed to the morgue. I just can't imagine it...

Now, Gilmore Girls. What in the world is going on? I can NOT believe Lorelai slept with Chris. Before I go off on that, I have to note that Rory did an amazing acting job when Logan left for England...that was really good. Overall, I'm pretty disappointed with the season finale being overtaken by the stupid people singing on the sidewalks. At least it wasn't about Layne's cheesy band. Those scenes are the most pointless scenes ever. Just give me Luke, Lorelai, Rory, Logan, and Lorelai's parents. And we can leave out Chris, because he's throwing in too much crazy drama.

My major frustration (which ties both of these shows together) is that all of the sudden it is completely fine for people to have affairs. I know this is nothing brand new, but it just makes me so mad! With Derek and Meredith--I understand Derek's marriage isn't picture-perfect, and he claims he just can't help but look at her without wanting to be with her. Can you practice some self-control Derek? And with Lorelai and Chris, she was completely acting on an impulse of anger and I'm not quite sure what it is she wants...but it should be Luke. No matter what, I can't stand how these shows and so many others just make affairs OK. Last night my roommate and I talked about the same thing after watching Rumor Has It. Same thing. People, it is NOT okay to have affairs! Whether it's physical, mental, emotional, or whatever, it's unfaithful. I am tired of how the media downplays it just to produce drama even in real life.

I can't seem to figure out, though, if the media is simply representing what's happening already in culture, or if society is reproducing what they're seeing in the media. Which way is it? Is it both? I've always wondered that (almost like "which came first? the chicken or the egg?").

I need to think about this more instead of just blurting out some random words for all the world to see on here. I guess I should start piecing my thoughts together a little more! I think I just need to dialogue about this to get my brain rolling on that subject.


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