Monday, May 21, 2007

Heider wedding...

This weekend was the long-awaited Heider wedding. My best friend from high school, Kristy Kerestes, married her high school sweetheart Craig Heider. They've been dating for 10 years now, so this marriage has been a long time coming! It was a gorgeous day for a wedding, and Kristy was a beautiful bride! I must say...the bridal party was pretty good looking too, if I can say so myself... =) It was somewhat like a high school class reunion, which can be both good and bad, but it was fun!

Here are some pictures!

me & Kristy @ the rehearsal dinnerthe bridesmaids @ the rehearsal dinner
me & my pretty momma @ the church
our pretty flowersKristy & Craig in front of the Hummer Limo we anxiously awaited...Kristy & Craig's reflection I caught in the cool!The girls...The boys...haven't changed since high school!The party in the limo...once again, these guys haven't changed...the cute bride & groom...while the ringbearer Trevor witnesses a lot more than he should have seen!Kristy & her adorable cake!!!The girls...we were having some fun!Kristy & Craig...the cute couple!

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